Vision, Mission and Objectives of the College



To be an outstanding engineering College, serving the needs of the country and addressing the challenges faced by society.


To provide high quality education programs that address the changing needs of future engineers, serve the profession and contribute to the advancement and well-being of the society by creating and disseminating knowledge and technology to future generations through teaching, research and partnership with industry and government


  • Provide a student-centered educational approach that produce high-quality students, helps
  •     them to   realize their potential, inspires them to pursue excellence at all levels and
  •      prepare them to become leaders in their profession.
  • Support and adopt the scientific research to expand and share engineering knowledge in the scientific  fields, and to find applicable solutions to problems faced by society.
  •  Provide continuing education and to broadcast engineering knowledge through conferences, short courses, workshops, consultation and seminars.
  •   Encourage professional development of the faculty.
  •  Enhance the college position world wide
  •  Prepare well skilled engineers to meet job market needs.
  • Prepare well qualified undergraduate students for pursuing post graduate studies in various engineering disciplines

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